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Terms of warranty

1. Please bring the original invoice upon delivery of any product to be sent for warranty.

2. Please bring the original copy of the delivery receipt upon receipt of the product. The company is not responsible for the product if it is not received within 90 days from the date of delivery.

3. The maintenance period may reach from 15 to 25 days, which changes depending on the availability of spare parts or waiting for approval to replace the product, according to the laws of the manufacturer.

4. You will be notified by phone of the status of the product in the warranty in some cases, and the transaction will be closed after 5 days in the absence of a response.

5. It may not be possible to retrieve the delivered product for a guarantee after receiving it, as the product is sent to the manufacturer and cannot be refunded at the same time.

6. It will be determined whether the product is in or out of warranty after the examination. As the warranty does not include any kind of misuse ((breakage, scratching, rust, moisture, fire, water and liquids. Connecting the device to a different electrical current to the product. All screen defects (for phones). Shocks. Opening or repairing the product outside the manufacturer)) And the warranty is void in these cases.

7. The warranty does not include accessories or accessories of the product in general ((headphone, charger, memory, connections, .... etc.))

8. In some cases, when there is a manufacturing defect from the manufacturer of the product that is not repairable, the product is repaired and not replaced completely, according to the laws of the manufacturer of the product.

9. The warranty period for the product is determined according to the manufacturer ((one year more or less))

10. The company is not responsible in the event of damage or loss of customer data from the product if it is sent for a guarantee to the manufacturer.